September 11, 2022

Dearly Beloved,

This Sunday, we start the Narrative lectionary again (go here to learn more about it and why we are using it: For the first few weeks, we will be in Genesis reflecting on many of the core stories that provide a foundation to our faith and understanding of God. This year, we begin with portions of the story about Noah and the Flood. Since it is a very long narrative, we will just be hitting the highlights; for the full story, you can read it in Genesis 6-9.

While often finding itself in nurseries and children’s bibles, the reason for the flood can be frightening. We see the wrath and judgment of God literally raining down upon God’s creation. Through this action, God is returning (almost) all of creation back into the chaos in which it was first birthed – all that is except for Noah, his family and the animals.

In a book by David Heller (“Just build the ark and the animals will come: children on Bible stories”), he shares children’s own understandings on parts of many familiar stories. When asked about why God became wrathful toward the people of the earth, 8 year old Lori Ann said “bad prayers, or no prayers at all” while 8 year old Robin said “Mostly, it was like the people were lost sheep and they lost their way.”

Biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann says “that the world has betrayed God’s intent….that creation has refused to be God’s creation, refused to honor God” (Interpretation series: Genesis, pg. 76)

And that reality continues to hold sway in our world and yet…and yet…after the flood, God gave us a promise and a sign. This sign points us always to God’s promise not only that the world will not be destroyed by God but that God steadfastly loves us always. The rainbow is our connection to God, and because this song is in my head: Kermit the Frog Sing Along | Rainbow Connection | The Muppets: The Rainbow Connection

Join us for worship as we not only hear this story of Noah & the Flood, but as we assured of God’s everlasting promise first revealed in the rainbow and that found its fulfillment in the cross of Jesus Christ.

peace in Christ,
Pastor Jen