Our worship service follows a traditional Lutheran liturgy and cycle of the Church year (Advent through the weeks of Pentecost). Our worship style invites all to participate in faith-filled conversation with one another and with God.

Here are what you can expect during a Sunday worship:

  1. The service is usually about an hour long.  Trinity services seek to be well-paced.  We are respectful of your busy schedule.   You might want to reserve 15-30 minutes after service for refreshments and conversation.  It’s a great time to learn more about Trinity from both the long time members and those members who have joined recently.
  2. There are typically several pieces of music played and/or sung during service. Our service begins with an organ prelude and ends with a postlude. These are both instrumental classics of one composer celebrated that day.  Additional hymns are sung by the congregation and choir.  The choir performs a musical piece of worship music each Sunday at the first service.
  3. We read two readings from Scripture at each service.  These are based on the Narrative Lectionary (Luther seminary) that seeks to trace the Biblical story through the Old Testament and into the New Testament.
  4. Our Pastor delivers the sermon. Our Pastor shares her rich understanding of Biblical history and scripture, challenging us to examine our thoughts, deeds and motive, inspiring us to be more faith-centered, forgiving and selfless and giving us plenty to think about during the coming week.
  5. Members offer each other a sign of peace right before the Offering of Gifts and Holy Communion. During service we shake hands with folks sitting around you.  We also get out of our pews to roam the sanctuary and  joyfully offer peace to many of our fellow worshippers.  This usually takes 2-3 minutes.
  6. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. All the baptized are welcome to feast in the Eucharist. You may receive only the bread or wine and still experience the full benefit of our Lord’s meal. Those who do not receive bread or wine are invited to come for a blessing. Ushers will direct you to come forward at the appropriate time. The first choice is for those who wish to drink the wine; the second is for those who wish to intinct (dip) the wafer. Gluten-free communion wafers are available for those who have gluten allergies. Please let one of the ushers know if you will require a gluten-free option.