May 28, 2023

This Sunday is Pentecost (don’t forget to wear red)! It is my favorite Sunday of the Church year (don’t like when it falls on Memorial day weekend as I know many people go away).

The Acts reading (chapter 2) is dramatic and truly made for the “big screen” with its tongues of fire and violent wind. The disciples are driven outside with the message of Good News to share with whomever they encounter. The whole of the books of Acts finds the Holy Spirit compelling others out of their comfort zones and to go to farther and farther out into their known and unknown world.

For us today we don’t know quite what to make of the Holy Spirit – we get God the Creator and most certainly Jesus; we understand what they are all about. The Spirit is much more elusive and hard to grasp (much like the wind itself). Yet, it is God’s Spirit with us. It is God moving moving among us – before us, leading the way; behind us, compelling us forward; and next to us, encouraging us.

This past Sunday (knowing that not all would be in worship on Pentecost), I gave the kids flame glasses. Then at this week’s Council meeting, I asked them to pose with the glasses as well (see pix below). These remind us to see the world around us – not with rose colored glasses – but through the eyes of faith informed by God’s Spirit

We pray that we will open ourselves up to God’s Spirit. We seek to be God’s Spirit filled people, blessed and sent out in the world.

peace in Christ,
Pastor Jen