May 14th

Dearly beloved,

As we mark this year’s Mothers’ day, I am mindful of so many who find this day difficult.

* For the parent whose child is lost to drugs or alcohol, bitterness or anger or for whom death came too early.
* For the children for whom this day is filled with memories of long ago when their mothers brushed the tears from their eyes or bandaged the knew as well as those who faced anger, fear and hurt from those who bore them.
* For the one who was unable or chose not to have children as this day gets filled with internal and external questions of “why” and “what if”.

And we give thanks for those who have mothered us –
* those who physically bore us,
* those who welcomed us into their families through marriage, adoption and friendship
* those who offer their nurture and compassion to

the homeless,
the hungry,
the sick,
the lost, outcast and the stranger
the questioning & the doubt
the struggling and the hurting….

On this day, we remember the mothering love of God as Jesus proclaimed: how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, (Matthew 23:37).

We are enfolded into the loving arms of Christ. And as we abide in that love we are blessed to share it with others!

peace in Christ,
Pastor Jen