March 12, 2023

Dearly Beloved,

How are we already halfway through Lent – don’t like that time is moving so quickly – and we are a mere three weeks until Easter.

How are your Lenten practices going?

Did you pick up one of the devotionals we offer or are using another resource?
Have you been using one of the stress stickers or bookmarks?
Have you played the Lent Madness challenge?
Have you set aside money for our Lenten Outreach offering?

*NOTE: if you are interested in any of these, let me know and we can make sure that you get them.

I knew a man a number of years ago that gave us sweets for Lent and then when Easter arrived, he kept to that practice. It became about more than just a test of his willpower, but a way to change his eating habits and taking care of himself.

This is the invitation of any faith practice. While we may make a commitment for the 40 days of Lent, we are invited to continue on into the next few days and months. For at their core, they are about our relationship with God. They allow us to see our daily lives from the perspective of God’s love and grace – both within our own lives as well as how we are called to live into relationships with others. The 40 days help to make these practices a habit and a necessary part of our life.

How might you continue what you have begun? (See note above if you desire additional resources)

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Jen