April 7, 2024

Dearly beloved

Now What??

(ok – what was your first thought when you read that? Would be interested to hear)

So much time, thought, planning and preparation goes into Holy week and Easter. So much so that this week following, I often wonder what I’m supposed to be doing. (even after 30+ years, I still have “trouble” switching gears and looking ahead for what’s next).

After these significant holy days – like Christmas and Easter – there is a sense of let down. What are we supposed to do now? Now what?

This week, we will be hearing from Acts 1 that talks of what happened between Christ’s resurrection and ascension and before Pentecost. It is a time of waiting – but even more so, it is a time of prayer. In their waiting, the disciples were “constantly devoting themselves to prayer” (Acts 1:14)

This is to be our stance as a community of faith – prayer!

We are beginning both a book study (see below) and a focused time of prayer for the next 40 days (officially beginning this Sunday, April 7th). We are asking you to make the commitment to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us as a community of faith. There is a 40 day guide to prayer available (see attached or pick up a paper copy).

Each day has a scripture passage and “listening to God” that voices God speaking to us. Read them out loud (we can often hear them differently when we do so) and see what words or phrases catch your attention. Ask what God might be saying to you this day. What might God be saying to us as a congregation? Write down your thoughts and prayers and ponder them throughout the day.

On Sunday mornings, during the prelude, you are encouraged to use that time to pray for God’s Spirit to move among us during worship and in our life together. Pay attention for what God might reveal to you. Take the opportunity to share it with others

God’s Spirit is here! Let us open our eyes, ears and hearts to see what she is up to!!

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Jen