April 21, 2024

Dearly beloved,

Ever have a false start? Think you have everything together and need to run back into the house/work/car or wherever cause you forgot something? Yup, all been there

Well, here are a few things that have updates that have changed since are last email and announcements. Two of them are things that you need to mark your calendars about and the last one is about the 40 Days of Prayer guide.

Health Ministry: We have set a date for a brainstorming session about what we might do with this ministry. We will be meeting on Monday, May 13th at 7pm (in person). Let me know if you are interested and if able to attend.

Yarn group: There has been interest expressed in re-starting a group to meet a couple of times a month. Sue Curtiss (susan.curtiss@gmail.com) has offered to be the point person for it and we have set the following dates & times: Monday, May 13th (1pm) and Wednesday, May 22nd (1pm), meeting in Fellowship Hall. If you are interested but not able to attend, please let her know what times might work better.

40 Day of Prayer: A few folks indicated that they needed reminding and/or an indication of what day we are on. So, we are going to re-start our 40 days this coming Sunday (April 21st). Each week we will have an attachment with that week’s readings. They will also be posted daily on social media.

As we seek to live out God’s mission of love and grace in the world, it is important for us begin with prayer. Your participation is greatly needed and expected.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to be in touch.

peace in Christ,

Pastor Jen