Brewster Cares

Dear Friends and Community Supporters,
As the chill of winter approaches, the warmth of community and compassion becomes more crucial than ever for our unhoused neighbors. We are preparing to open our doors for our 2023-2024 shelter season and we’re reaching out to our community – to you – for help. The heart of our shelter runs on the kindness and dedication of supporters like yourself.
Please note that the sign up form only lists Trinity’s dates at the beginning and not with each particular week. Our weeks will be:
Dec. 11-17
Jan. 22-28
Feb. 19-25
March 18-25
This season, we are in need of three essential volunteer roles each day to ensure our guests receive the care and comfort they deserve:
Cook (Delivery at 8 PM): We’re looking for individuals with a passion for cooking who can prepare a homemade meal for 16 people. Beverages and supplies will be provided by the host facility. (NOTE: we are brainstorming about providing lunches and will update later)
Meal Server (Arrival at 8 PM): If you enjoy setting up and creating a welcoming dining experience, this role is for you. You will help portion the dinner, set up the dining room, and serve the meals to our guests who arrive at 9 PM. It’s a chance to offer a smile and kind words as you serve, both of which are as nourishing as the meal itself.
Overnight Host (Arrival at 8:30 PM): Your presence can make a night’s stay feel safe and looked after. As an overnight host, you will be on the premises as backup support to the paid staff person, and you are invited to join our guests for dinner. A comfortable cot will be provided for you to sleep until you assist in setting up breakfast at 5:30 AM. Your contribution provides not only a safety net but also a sense of security to our guests.
By joining us, you are not only filling a role; you are becoming a part of a community effort that believes in dignity, hope, and the power of kindness. You will witness the direct impact of your volunteer work on the faces and in the hearts of those you assist.
If you feel called to any of these roles, or know someone who might be, please reach out to us. Your time, your care, and your service can transform cold winter nights into a sanctuary of safety and community for our guests.
Click here to sign up, or contact Irene Germain with any questions (