Attention All Knitters, Crocheters, and Yarn Aficionados!

One of our un-sung ministries at Trinity is our Prayer shawls. They are created by a variety of people and given out to those who are in need of prayer. Sometimes they are prayers for healing, strength, comfort as well as for times of joy, celebration and transitions in life. There are times when we need to physical feeling of being wrapped up in prayer and shawls provide that tangible sense of God’s presence surrounding us.

We are always looking for additional people to create these shawls. Patterns vary and you can use whatever one that you like best. Also check out for examples. Shawls will be made available in the narthex (look for the shawl bin)

  • for people to use during worship when they feel they need to be enrobed in prayer (or if you are just cold)
  • to take for themselves or to give to someone who is need of prayers (you can use one of the cards in the notecard box with the shawls that has various kinds of prayers)
  • for you to leave a shawl for others to use.